Sweet Home Band was founded in 1983 by a group of music enthusiast Jašić Radojka (keyboards and vocals), Zgrablić Franko-Frenky (drums), Jašić Volođa (guitars, sax and vocals) and Šperanda Željko (bass guitar and vocals).

Throughout many turbulent years in show business the band members have been changing on the regular basis:

Jašić Radojka, Konate Amina, Vojko Babić, Smoković Elio, Puškarić Vladimir-Vlado, Cuculić Ratko-Rale, Franković Dejan-Deki, Špoljarić Goran-Šiljo, Babić Bojan, Dorčić Nenad-Neno (guitar), Neven Šperanda and Tominić Viktor-Tom.

Jašić Volođa  (sax), Radenko Sloković (sax & trumpet), Verbanac Argeo-Arči, Golja Siniša-Šime, Negri Vedran, Gretić-Popović Dragan-Gricko

Šperanda Željko-Kico and Purić Dragutin-Dragec

Zgrablić Franko-Frenky, Faraguna Robi-Forbas, Domika Darko, Jovanović  Argeo-Arčy, Cvitanović Neno, Arnautović Zoran, Trošt Dejan, Štefanec Stjepan-Štef and Brebrić Davor

Vrbljanac Samanta, Jurman Kristina-Kika, Rabar Sibela, Sokolović Marina, Helena Vale, Hrvatin Martina, Nina Šperanda (keyboards), Prodan Višnja and Rušnjak-Vivoda Jasmina.

Being a gig musician is certainly one of the hardest jobs that a professional musician might have been doing. That is why I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart to every single member of the Sweet Home band, current or former, for their cooperation. I also wish to say that I recall with great joy and affection the moments that we spent together both on stage and privately.

There were a lot of wonderful moments but also a handful of difficult ones. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to my family and thank them for selfless support and understanding during all of these years. A special thanks goes to my beloved wife Loredana as she was always there when I needed her the most.

Sweet Home Band has its fans, of course, but family Dassow from Germany is holding a special place in our history. They were with us from the very beginning and they continued to be our most devoted supporters during all of these years. Thank you Heiner, Heidrun and Harald (and your families, of course) for your loyalty and friendship.

Sweet Home Band is famous for its distinctive stage performance and energy. Powered by a genuine love for music and the work they do, the band members transmit their strong emotions and positive vibrations to the audience. They always do their best to make the audience feel these vibrations and thus making them happy. Yes, this is and has always been our main task.

We have always succeeded in doing this and the smiles on the faces of our guests and their applauses and chanting were and still are the greatest inspiration and reward.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to watch the videos of our live performances!

Sweet Home Band has a long and rich experience of playing and entertaining guests at rural and urban parties, weddings, graduation parties and prom nights, company events and hotels in Croatia as well as abroad.

"Sweet Home Band is the best professional band among amateurs!"
Band manager Mr.Vigor

We must single out a few distinctive periods from our fruitful history. Sweet Home Band has reached its peak in their amateur career while playing gigs and parties at Labin and Rabac. Also, the 12 years that we spent working and entertaining guest in some of most elite hotels at Canary Islands must also be mentioned. This experience yielded with two extraordinary show programs:  Country Show and Stars Night Show. This was the final step which made the Sweet Home Band one of the top show bands in Europe represented by nowadays the greatest music & entertainment agency, Romantic Espectacles from Mallorca, Spain.

Enormous experience, excellent production and quality, customizable sound and lighting effects, a wide national and international repertoire, excellent and interactive guest entertainment, the possibility of realization of several high-quality shows  in one evening and more.

All of this will surely ensure you with great entertainment and performance that you will never forget!

Sweet Home band – a synonym for top entartainment


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