Learning to dance to some of the best classical line dancing tunes like Macarena, YMCA, Bomba, and Achy Breaky Heart offers a great satisfaction and is a truly unique experience.

The aim of Line dancing show is to include all of the audience, the musicians and the dance group (if it is hired by the client) into the realization of the program. With the guidance of our wonderful artists the audience watches and repeats their moves and thus creates a wonderful and enjoyable ambient.

The show begins with a classical child tune Ballo del qua qua which always yields a great feedback with the adults also. Afterwards, the show advances with a number of exceptional line dancing songs like Hey Baby, Hands Up, Locomotion and Mambo no. 5.  The program reaches its peak with the Waka Waka song performed by Shakira and in the end, for the great finale, the one and only, the YMCA song.

Like the rest of our programs, we offer Line Dancing show in various combinations. You can choose to include the Sweet Home band and the dance group. In such arrangement the show becomes an all night event in duration of approximately 4 h, but we also offer the individual option in duration of app. 50 minutes.

The Line dancing program has various technical options available for you to choose from: from different sound systems (from 3 KW to 20 KW), various lights, high quality stage (30 m2 ) to a video wall (small-large)…