With announcement and final greeting the entire Elvis Show lasts around 30-50 minutes, depending on which version of Elvis Show is being performed. The three versions of Elvis Show performance are offered:

1. First version lasts approximately 30 minutes. The show develops in one block without interruption and without the interactive part with the audience.

2. Second version lasts from 45 to 50 minutes. The show is divided into two parts divided by the interactive part with the audience.

3. Third version is almost identical to the second one but with one exception. Elvis' performance is accompanied by a group of five young professional female dancers.

4. Fourth version introduces an extra complement to the Elvis show: a live band performance in duration of approximately 20 to 30 minutes (if the client has special requirements the band can make a whole night performance).

5. In fifth version, among features stated above, you have the opportunity to see Elvis’ arrival to your event in a slick, black Cadillac.

The Elvis show usually starts with one of the most unforgettable and romantic Elvis' songs: Love me tender or Are you lonesome tonight. At the beginning of the show Elvis descends from the stage and enters the audience. Just like Elvis used to do during his live performances, Željko then offers white satin scarves to the female part of the audience. Somewhere in the middle of the show, Elvis begins with the interactive part. He chooses his double and his accompanying band from the audience and dresses them in costumes. Finally, together they sing and play one of Elvis’ songs. And then, the culmination begines! Željko starts to sing, dance and perform some of Elvis’ most popular and top rock’n’roll hits. His authenticity and striking resemblance to The King thrills and leaves the audience breathless. The grand finale arrives when Elvis invites everybody to join him on the dance floor and enjoy the final song.

You want your wedding to be unforgettable and special? We have a solution for you!

We propose a completely different introduction into your wedding feast. Why not start the most special evening of your lives with romantic and beautiful Can't help falling' in love or Love me tender song performed by the one and only- Elvis.

Imagine yourselves stepping onto the dance floor in a dimmed-light atmosphere followed by a spot light while Elvis sings his song just for the two of you. At the beginning of the song Elvis remains hidden and he makes his appearance only when the newlyweds enter the dance flour, seamlessly joining them while singing and watching their first dance. Yet you are the true stars of the night, aren't you?

During the next song, Elvis invites the parents to join the newlyweds on the dance floor and after a while the maid of honour and the best man as well. Afterwards, Elvis continues his 30 minute performance during which all the guests spontaneously come to dance.

There exists a possibility to perform the Elvis Show with a comical interactive part. During this part Elvis tries to find his impersonator among the audience (this option is usually discussed in advance with the newlyweds). He dresses him in Elvis costume (a wig and glasses) and finds him an accompanying orchestra (a guitar and bass player). Together they perform one classical Elvis’ rock & roll song. This is truly a humorous addition and a nice surprise for your guests to enjoy.

There are also a few extra arrangements for you to choose from:

1. Elvis sings one song to the newlyweds during the wedding ceremony

2. Together with Elvis, the groom comes for the bride driving in a luxurious Cadillac

3. Elvis can perform a few songs before or after the cake

Whatever your choice might be, one thing’s for sure: A wedding with Elvis is a wedding with style!


Željko's repertoire includes the following Elvis' songs:
Love me tender
Are you lonsome tonight
Can't help fallin in love
It's now or never
Don't be cruel
Hound dog
Return to sender
Teddy bear
Blue suede shoes
Jailhouse rock
Tutti frutti
Devil in disguise
Suspicious minds
In the ghetto
Viva las Vegas
Little less conversation
Help me make it through the night
The wonder of you
Green green grass of home
Proud Mary
That's all right mama
Always on my mind
Wooden heart
Johnny be good


Željko wears six different Elvis costumes:

1. White Elvis Aloha suite with a diamonds
2. White Country costume with fringes
3. White Las Vegas costume with chains
4. Red costume with diamonds
5. Turquoise costume with Swarovski crystals
6. Red costume with sewn-on red flames 

All costumes are inspired by the original Elvis suites and each of them has been custom designed by artist David Ivić, designer Marko Cerovac and hand-made at tailor's shop Mirjana.

There are different types of sound systems which can be used for the Elvis show:
  • DB Technologies sound system: power from 700W to 2000W

  • DAS sound system with high-tech Lab Gruppen amplifier and 26 channel Allen & Heath mixer: power from 3000W to 20000W.
Besides the above mentioned equipment, there is also the smoke machine, large Elvis banner, light show equipment (light power: 3000W-5000W), screen projection of video material etc.

The Elvis Show performance can be merged with the Sweet Home Band.

"Valalta is very beautiful, but our holiday would be only 50% of a holiday without your performance. You´re so great, not only imitating Elvis."

Sissy and Siegi in FKK Valalta, Rovinj 2008
"Beautiful country. All ended by the fantastic Elvis Show. Yes, Elvis is still living in Croatia."

Laura from England in hotel Molindrio, Poreč 2010