Be prepared to be entertained by the hottest new show in town!!

Country Show is a dance and music spectacle featuring the best of Classic & Modern Country music. It celebrates today's country and honors tradition with great country music from yesterday and today. Enjoy the music of everyone from W. Nelson, John Denver, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers to the superstars of today like Shania Twain and many others.

The primary goal of Country Show (besides providing unforgettable entertainment), is to include the audience into the show by making them sing and dance to the variety of dynamic and vivid country songs performed by our wonderful artists.

The Show begins with a thrilling melody from a well-known composer Enio Morricone. Afterwards, we start to warm up with a sequence of dancing country evergreens like Island in the stream, Hello Mary Lou and so on.

After these wonderful country classics the band starts with a number of typical line dancing melodies (Achy Breaky Heart, Country Roads, Chattachooche...) actively involving the audience and instructing them on how to manage the line dancing steps. The atmosphere starts to steam up with a series of modern country songs and reaches its peak with Cotton eyed Joe and Oh Susana songs.

 The Show ends with a catchy tune and artists come to the dance floor for the last time to introduce themselves and to greet the audience with a final dance.

Duration of Country Show is approximately 45 minutes but it can be arranged for a longer and/or shorter duration depending on the client’s request.

The show can be performed in 3 different versions:

  • Only the Country Show in duration of 45 minutes

  • The Country Show accompanied with a dance group composed of 5 young and attractive female dancers

3Country Show (choose from 1th or 2nd option) and all night performance of the Sweet Home Band. In this kind of arrangement, the band usually warms up the audience and after a short brake the Country Show takes place. Afterwards, the Sweet home Band again performs and continues to entertain the audience until the end of the night. This king of arrangement usually lasts 4 hours in sum.

The Country show performance is accompanied by visual and smoke effects, quality light and high tech sound system. There are few more special features offered:

  • a specially constructed milking cow used in the interactive part of the show and
  • rental of the 30 m2 stage.

This show brings to life the music you will never forget. Enjoy all the songs that made you fall in love with Country Music.