Born on 1st February 1954 in Pazin, a small town situated in the very heart of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, Željko Šperanda grew up in a family nurturing great love for local and international pop and rock. But the greatest love he always had for Elvis Presley. Željko's late father Neven was extremely talented and musical person, so it was inevitable for young Željko to choose music as his way of life.

As his father was busy with various other tasks, Željko often took his place in the local band he played in. Thus, thirteen year old Željko desperately fell in love with music in all its forms. While attending high school, Željko started playing in the school band and that event marked the start of his musical career.

THE LOUD SOUNDS was the first „real“ band where he sang and played contrabass. Playing at Istrias’ summer hotels, entertainment terraces and local festivals with LIBURNI and PLIMA bands he animated and amused the audience. Finally, in 1983 with handful of fellow musicians Željko formed  SWEET HOME BAND.

Untill today, SWEET HOME BAND has served as a springboard for many talented and exquisite players and singers. In 1992 SWEET HOME BAND and its frontman Željko Šperanda reached the peak of their amateur career at national and international scale.

This was the year when Željko and his band set off for Spain (precisely: the Canaries) and it was there where their professional involvement with music started. They played and entertained audience in some of the most elite hotels in Spain, which can be proven by a number of excellent reference letters issued by the hotel management.

Željko’s performance has always been very entertaining, dynamic and extremely honest because his musical involvement has been backed up by love and pleasure. In 2002 Željko moved his career toward show program. At that time, SWEET HOME BAND started with two show programs: THE COUNTRY SHOW and THE STARS NIGHT SHOW. In the latter one, Željko also imitated the performance and singing of the great Elvis Presley. The organisation and participation at these show programs has enriched Željko’s performace with a valuable experience and extreme level of quality.

In 2003, when he came back from Spain to Croatia, Željko continued his successful career on the national and international level. He still eagerly continues with his performing live acts, shows and Elvis imitations on numerous engagements; we are just going to mention some of the most memorable ones:

  • Performance at elite restaurant Art Pavilion (Umjetnički paviljon) in Zagreb
  • Performance at hotel Westin-Opera in Zagreb
  • Performance at Chrystal Hall of Hotel Kvarner in Opatija
  • Performance at Regent Hotel in Zagreb
  • Performance at the anniversary celebration of Istraturist Company from Umag
  • Performance at the Welcome Party of Alen Macinić, the Big Brother finalist
  • Performance at the meeting of the World Consortium in Zagreb
  • Performance at 50th anniversary of the ATRIX brand in lounge bar School in Zagreb
  • Team building party performancand many other performances at summer terraces and hotels throughout the Adriatic resorts.

The creation of the SWEET HOME SHOWS private company meant a further motivation for Željko Šperanda and his involvment in the organization and setting of sound systems for many cultural, sport and entertainment programs as well as in the organisation of events. To his masters degree in Economics gained at the University of Zagreb he owes a great deal of support for his business issues. He also continuously makes investments in high-tech light, sound and musical equipment as well in other SW and HW.

Željko Šperanda is a successful organizer and associate of the y makes investments in high-tech light, sound and musical equipment as well in other SW and HW.

Željko Šperanda is a successful organizer and associate of the Artisans and Entrepreneurs Fair, Days of Honey Manifestation, Opening of Mercedes Benz Service and Etradex Gas Station, Opening Ceremony for Nursing Home in Brkač. Finally, Željko was also executive producer and sound system operator for the concert the Istrian Story of Bruno Krajcar, Oliver Dragojević, Stjepan Hauser, Edin Karamazov, Putokazi , klapa Pinguentum and others.