The Sweet Home Shows company and its associates form a group of highly trained experts, passionate and dedicated to realize every idea that you as our client might have with a high standard of quality and professionalism.

Our services include organization and management of:
  • reviews, concerts and festivals,
  • fairs and conferences,
  • sports and recreational meetings and tournaments,
  • formal dinners and dancing parties,
  • carnivals,
  • weddings,
  • theme parties,
  • various show programes,
  • traditional and ethno manifestations,
  • fashion shows,
  • customized team building programs,
  • opening ceremonies,
  • and other various events

Our guiding principles are originality, professionalism and high quality of the event management regardless of the budget or size of the event.

Coordination and realization of various manifestations is composed of many coherent actions:  
  • cost calculation and providing sources of funding,
  • developing concepts and content of events,
  • constructing and setting the stage and other necessary installations,
  • design and development of programs, overall concepts and visual identity of the event,
  • grafic design and printing of promotional materials,
  • recruitment of required staff,
  • procuration of the necessary permits and other requirements necessary to maintain the event,
  • promotion and media,
  • formal dinner organization,
  • organization of excursions and sports activities related to the event,
  • animation
  • organization of video and photo coverige of the event,
  • analysis and report of event realization and its achievements.

YOU have an idea – WE have the experience and expertise

WE have an idea- YOU have the conditions necessary for its realisation

At Sweet Home shows we strive to make every activity original and different. We have a goal of setting new standards and producing various and original manifestations at uniqe locations.
As said before, we are dedicated and obligated by the standars that we set before us to make every manifestation and every event with a high level of quality and professionalism. We want to yield a positive reaction within our clients and make the most considering the budget limits.

You want to change the content and quality of a long running manifestation or event?

No ideas? We are your perfect choice!

Feel free to contact  Sweet Home Shows company and put the event management  of your project in our hands!